Tuesday, 4 June 2013

North Berwick

Last Saturday I went on a trip through to North Berwick Law for a Quickdraw club coaching/ real rock day. Me, Buz and Lisandro from Ratho were joined by fifteen quickdraw kids at the little sport quarry which turned out to be the perfect suntrap that day, in fact, I think most of us got a little burnt! We set up some top ropes on the easy slabs just round from the quarry and put some clips in the sport routes for the kids to lead. We then spent the day giving a little bit of coaching on the routes, belaying and pre-clipping. I also had a wee go at Law of Gravity, the classic 7a, and found it surprisingly easy...all that Ratho training has paid off.
There will be another Real rock day at the end of June, this time a weekend trip to the lakes....can't wait!